Welcome to WKND Tribe, Uniting People Through Fashion and Music.
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About Us


Wknd Tribe is an apparel brand inspired by the electronic dance music scene and the unity which music creates.

The brand was born during the Covid pandemic, by people who’ve been involved in the scene for over two decades, who love & live music.

We love to meet new people whether it’s at our own events or when attending music events ourselves and our tribe of friend’s spans far and wide (who we’ve been missing dearly during these crazy times!!).

The brand focusses on clothing such as T-Shirts, hoody’s, sweatshirts & accessories which have a fashion edge, bold slogans that represent our various themed tribes and some tongue and cheek quirky designs to suit all tastes.

Through music many friendships and tribes have been formed. Your tribe might be techno, your tribe might be trance, your tribe could be house, old skool rave or you might just like to dance!

Whatever your “tribe” there’s always good vibes!!

Music connects people and we’re ultimately all one diverse tribe together no matter what your gender, race, heritage or beliefs.

Collaborations are important to us and our mission wouldn’t be complete without giving something back, so we are supporting 2 chosen charities & have created an exclusive design for each where ALL proceeds from sales will be donated to the relevant charity.

The first charity we’re teaming up with is Music Venue Trust (http://musicvenuetrust.com/) who’s ‘Save Our Venues’ campaign aims to protect, secure and improve UK Grassroots Music Venues for the benefit of venues, communities and upcoming artists.

Weekends would not be the same without our beloved venues existing, now more than ever it’s important they’re protected. Our ‘SAVE THE RAVE’ design was created to promote a strong message for helping achieve the goals of this charity.

Our second charitable partner – SANE (http://www.sane.org.uk/), is a leading UK mental health charity working to improve quality of life for people affected by mental illness.

During such unprecedented times we must all look out for each other across all tribes, therefore the combination of supporting music venues and mental wellbeing charities are a perfect fit.

Our slogan for this cause has a relevant message ‘MUSIC KEEPS ME SANE’, so wear your item with pride & spread good vibes amongst your tribe!